Through yoga, mindfulness and PT services, Mindful Movements wants to bring more joy, focus, energy and community to your working life. Sound bath can help you to find a state of deep relaxation.

Why not offer 30 minutes of Mindful Yoga before lunch for employees? Or meet outside for Nordic walking, a complete workout. I am flexible and can arrange both shorter and longer programs either at your workplace, at Mindful Movements Studio or outdoors.

  • Do you feel stressed and worried because of requirements and expectations from the outside world?
  • Are you constantly connected and available online? Do you have difficulty finding focus and concentrating on one thing at a time?
  • Do you take time to rest during the working day and in your free time?
  • Do you feel tired and stiff or do you have difficulty sleeping?

Stress is currently the most common cause of sick leave. In today's hectic world, it is therefore important to find ways to deal with stress and time pressure at work. Yoga and mindfulness are good tools for that. Sometimes just an increase in awareness and small changes in the way we work can improve our well-being.

Many people have sedentary or monotonous work. Therefore, physical yoga exercises together with relaxation and breathing exercises can make you feel better physically as well as mentally. Through mindfulness we practice awareness, focusing our attention on one thing at a time and being present in the moment. Sound baths can be held separately or at the end of a class. When you focus your attention on the sound and vibrations from the singing bowls you can let go of any worries.

With yoga and mindfulness you can:

  • increase your physical and mental well-being
  • reduce stress
  • increase concentration.

Whether you prefer endurance training indoors or exercising outside in the fresh air, there are various programs to choose from. Yoga, mindfulness and exercise are excellent activities for a health day at work, for example. Most activities can also be performed outdoors or virtually.

Mindful Movements offers the following programs: 

1. Mindful yoga. Single yoga classes or courses with several sessions (30-90 minutes / class)

Book Mindful yoga at work or at Mindful Movements Studio. The yoga class will be adapted to the participants’ needs and even those who are not used to movement can take part. The yoga classes can be held as an integrated part of the working day without any preparation on your part. A complete yoga class can be done standing and sitting on a chair in normal work clothes.

Alternatively, we can have a traditional yoga class on yoga mats in comfortable clothes. Yoga equipment is available for small groups.

Over the course of several sessions, you can learn more and improve your well-being long term. In addition, we offer break-yoga programs that you can practice during the working day.

2. Exercise session with circuit training or Nordic walking

Join a circuit training session at the studio or enjoy a complete workout with poles. See Courses for more information.

3. Peter Hess® Sound Bath

Sound baths are held for groups either at Mindful Movements studio or at a location of your choice. During a sound bath, you can lie on a yoga mat on the floor, or sit comfortably on a chair. The room fills with soft sounds from the singing bowls that help you to find inner peace. See Sound Massage and Sound Bath for more information.

4. Workshop or lecture with Mindful Movements (1-3 hours)

Get an insight into how you can use mindfulness and yoga for a calmer and more focused work day. Theory is interspersed with classic mindfulness exercises. To find balance between body and mind, calm yoga movements are also included in the program.

5. Mindful Movements at work. Course with 4-6 sessions (minimum 60 minutes / session)

A combination of yoga and mindfulness with both theory and practice. We focus on long-term results and consider how yoga and mindfulness can help you to have a more balanced working day with increased well-being for body and mind. Yoga training programs and mindfulness exercises are included. In between our course sessions, you can use these exercises to gradually implement yoga and mindfulness as part of your working day.


6. Mindful Meetings. Conference day with yoga and mindfulness as part of the program.

Why not change the environment and hold a conference at Mindful Movements Studio on Rantakatu? You can start or end the day with yoga, mindfulness and sound bath. In addition to yoga equipment, there are tables and chairs for 10 people and a flipchart available. We can also arrange coffee service and lunch restaurants are within walking distance.