In yoga, the human being is seen as a whole. The body and mind constantly interact and breathing is an essential part of our practice. Through physical yoga movements, breathing exercises and meditation, we can create balance between body, mind and soul. One of the keys to this is to be present in the moment, to be mindful, hence Mindful Movements.

Yoga is a way to calm our senses in today’s hectic world. It is a moment to ourselves, for reflection, and an opportunity to get in touch with our true self. Yoga provides joy and energy through movement and relaxation. By sharing this experience in a group, we also feel connected to others.


Mindfulness means becoming increasingly present in the here and now. Are you someone who dwells on the past or are you constantly planning for the future? Do you have difficulty concentrating and focusing your attention on what is happening now? Mindfulness is about being present in the moment without judgment and enjoying life as it is, right now. Through acceptance and compassion, we can look at life with new eyes. By practicing mindfulness, you will become more and more aware of how your thoughts and feelings affect your life and you will find new ways of dealing with different situations.

We can practice mindfulness by focusing our attention on our body and our breath, and in many other ways in everyday life. Research shows that mindfulness reduces stress and increases concentration, which makes us feel better physically as well as mentally.


The Company Mindful Movements

Mindful Movements Ab was founded in 2019 and is run by me, Johanna Höglund. I have always had a great interest in health and well-being and I want to help you find balance in your life through different types of exercise for both body and mind. I am a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher and mindfulness instructor. You will find more information about my educational background at the bottom of the page.

When I started Mindful Movements, I changed paths in life for the third time. I have previously held various positions at cultural establishments and I have also worked in purchasing and finance at international companies. I have a master’s degree in history and cultural science and I have studied economics, too.

For me, practicing yoga and mindfulness is a way of life that brings inner peace and joy. It gives me an increased awareness of how I treat other people as well as myself, and it helps me on my path in life. For me, yoga and mindfulness are about finding balance and focus in everyday life.

Mindful Movements Studio

Mindful Movement's beautiful studio is located at the inner harbor in the center of Vaasa. In the studio, I receive PT clients, arrange courses, events and workshops for small groups focusing on health and well-being.

Participate in activities or book yoga, mindfulness or exercise programs in Mindful Movements Studio for your own work or leisure events, perhaps combined with a meeting. In addition to yoga mats and props, we also have conference room equipment for small groups.

My view of yoga

Yoga is the union of body, mind and soul. Hatha yoga helps us to find balance between body and mind through movement and breathing. We move at a gentle pace and respect the body's own boundaries. Our mobility increases and we become stronger. Yoga is performance-free and can be a way of handling stress in everyday life.

Each person is unique and everyone practices in their own way based on their conditions. Hatha yoga classes are held in small groups so that the instructor has time to see and guide each participant, beginners as well as more experienced yogis. We each progress at our own pace and different options are given so that there is enough challenge for everyone. We approach different yoga poses step by step, in a safe way. At the same time, we feel the movements in the body and notice how each day is different.
"The goal of the Integral Yogi is to have an easeful body, a peaceful mind, and a useful life." Sri Swami Satchidananda


Course leader

Johanna Tara Höglund

Johanna's PT, Peter Hess® method, yoga and mindfulness training:

  • Integral Yoga® Hatha Teacher: Integral Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training: Beginner Level, 2018 and Integral Yoga 170-hour Teacher Training: Intermediate Level, RYS 300, 2020 Yoga Alliance
  • Yoga Teacher FYF® (Finnish Yoga Association). Member of EUY. 2023
  • course in Accessible Yoga which Jivana Heyman developed to make yoga accessible for everyone, 2018
  • advanced course in Raja Yoga
  • Mindfulness Instructor training at Mindfulness Center in Sweden (Step 2, 2023 and the supplementary training Mindfulness and Compassion, 2018)
  • Mindfulness Instructor training (95 hours) with focus on working life, led by Antti-Juhani Wihuri (mind @ work) in Helsinki, 2019
  • Personal Trainer, training arranged by Trainer4You in Vaasa, 2020
  • Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner, 2023
  • Peter Hess® Sound Baths I and II, 2022-2023