PT Services

My most important task as a Personal Trainer is to help you find balance in life so that you can feel good and comfortable with yourself. I mainly target women over 40 because I feel that I have the most to share with this particular group based on my own experiences. I want to help you find forms of exercise that you like and that suits you and your everyday life right now. The holistic approach is important to me, treating the whole person and considering all aspects of life.

Through yoga and mindfulness, I have realized how important it is to listen to the body and how our bodies, thoughts and emotions interact. This in turn also affects how we exercise and eat. Increased awareness and acceptance helps us to find balance and lead a meaningful life.


Mindful Movements PT services are for those who:
  • want to find motivation to exercise in order to feel better, be happier and more focused
  • want to improve their posture and reduce tension in the back, neck and shoulders
  • want to have more energy and be able to enjoy everyday activities
  • need to focus on a restorative practice for increased well-being
  • haven’t exercised before and don’t know where to start
  • want to get started with regular training and receive a personalised training program
  • have been working out in the same way for a long time and need some guidance in order to vary their exercise
With help from a personal trainer, it is easier to find motivation and set up routines for regular exercise and rest. Based on your goals, we can create a suitable schedule and focus on what you need to feel good in body and mind. It can include all aspects (strength training, endurance, flexibility, restorative practice and dietary advice) or we can focus on a few of these.

PT Program:

1. Mindful Movements offers 3-month individual and duo PT packages. The duo package is for those who want to work out with a friend. After 3 months of coaching from your PT, you will have gained the tools and the knowledge to continue with the training. You will be well on your way towards reaching your goals and you will have achieved at least your intermediate goal.

Mindful Movements PT packages include the following:
  • A free training consultation where we consider your goals based on your starting position and your needs
  • Tests and follow-up: We choose tests that suit you and use them as indicators to follow up your progress
  • Meetings with focus on strength, endurance, flexibility, recovery or dietary advice
  • Training program: We go through the exercises together so that you can learn to do them correctly. The number of repetitions, series and any weights or aids can be adapted and varied according to your needs
  • Training schedule: Can be set up in different ways, for example as a weekly schedule, a monthly schedule or according to the season
  • Follow-up by phone in between meetings according to agreement.

2. You can also order single PT sessions if you want help in a specific area. In addition, you can read more about PT yoga under the heading COURSES.

PT sessions can be held at Mindful Movements Studio, outdoors or at another location (entrance fee to the gym is not included). We can also meet virtually via Zoom if needed. Mindful Movements arranges group lessons that can support your PT training, for example circuit training, Nordic walking, yoga and mindfulness.



3 months, individual
8-12 times 59 € / hour
Total 8 times: 472 €
Total 12 times: 708 €

3 months, duo
8-12 times 49 € / hour / person
Total 8 times: 392 €
Total 12 times: 588 €

Single PT sessions:
69-79 €/ hour

VAT 24% is included.